Fly Fishing, Vegas, and SmartSalePeople

One of my favorite sports is fly fishing. I really enjoy wading out in a stream and catching trout. Some days are better than others but any day on the stream is a great day! I’m not much of a gambler but I have always been a student of why one would keep on playing a game when the odds are stacked in the house’s favor. There really isn’t much difference in fly fishing and gambling. Business development/ prospecting can be tossed in this mix, as well.

Before I go fly fishing, I have a strategy: Where to fish, how I will fish, and with what I will fish… location, technique, and the attractor. If all goes well and I find the right part of the stream, every cast has potential of catching a fish. There are times I can see the fish but they won’t bite. Other times, there are no fish to be found.. Then there are those days that I cast out into the stream time and time again and occasionally I get a bite. It is often enough to keep me fishing but I’m not very successful. Vegas uses this very tool to keep people feeding their coffers every day.

SmartSalesPeople identify the conditions. They have a plan to change their strategy when they recognize less than favorable conditions while fishing. They know that they are most productive when they find the right potential clients but realize that there will be good days and bad ones. They also know that they must be out there each day to understand the changes “in the stream” or their skills will decline. They must be willing to change their location, technique and the attractor to fit the conditions. Since I live in East Tennessee, I am blessed with rivers and streams that hold trout. I consider myself a good fisherman on one particular tail-water stream. When my son wanted to start fishing in the Smoky Mountain National Park, I thought what I knew about tail-water fishing would help me. After 3 times fishing in the park with less than stellar success (I stunk!), I decided I needed a guide. So, I hired one for a day. That made a huge difference in my success and my enjoyment. When SmartSalesPeople step into new markets, industries, or a new client base, they seek guidance, too. Success breeds success and the sooner one is successful the more fun one has.

SmartSalesPeople recognize that the fish in the stream are the buyers of their product. The fish control the success of the fisherman and the same goes in sales. It doesn’t matter what you are taught, the training you have taken or what you think. If what you are offering doesn’t match up with what a buyer needs, you don’t have a sale. SmartSalesPeople constantly observe and listen to their potential buyers and adjust their conversations to match the needs and wants of the buyer.

Thought of the day- Are you fishing or just practicing your cast?